Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see yourselves abandoned by your family or friends : that predicts a better material life.
You give up your employment : be careful in your business and treat your interests with vigilance.
You give up your family, your children : your misconduct life leaves something to be desired, supervise.


You dream of an abbey or a church : your life is worried because of multiple material problems; you have difficulty to manage your situation, try to find support and good advice : the chance will smile to you.
You enter an abbey or a church : you need to feel protected, be confident with yourself, you can take great decision in your businesses which will be determining.
You dream of an abbey or a church in ruins : a sentimental relation is finishing, but it's a new life which starts again for you in all the fields.
You are singing in a church : you are serene, life smiles to you.
You are speaking in a church : you are about to act imprudently in your emotional life.


You are walking at the edge of the vacuum : you miss confidence, you don't manage with the evolution of your business; try to be helped by a qualified person if you do not want to find yourself in a bad position.
You fall into the vacuum : a great upheaval will change the course of your life; it will be for you a great evolution; you will not function in the same way any more.
You are walking at the edge of an abyss without being afraid : you can go ahead without any risk for what you are going to undertake.


You dream of this beautiful tree in flowers : there is a faintness or irresponsibility in the couple; it is necessary to assume one's share of responsibility if you want to live the happy days again.


This dream mixes sometimes with the troubles which we have; see in your life if you have not been marked by such nuisances.
You are victim of an accident : you are unconscious, the way you took is not the good one; it is necessary to react, the accident in a dream is a warning.
You avoid an accident : you will avoid a bankruptcy; you knew how to rectify the situation at the appropriate time; stay vigilant nevertheless for some time.


You are playing of this instrument : you have many tasks to achieve; you are overworked and finally it won't bring a large report/ratio to you; make your grey matter work to gain more.


You are accused : a great prudence will be necessary, honesty above all; the business-entourage is touched; admit your errors quickly if you want to save the situation.
You dream that you are accused in the course of a lawsuit and that you are innocent : in reality, gather a maximum of evidence showing your honesty in the affair for witch you are accused; the people who are against you are crafty devils; be perspicacious.


You dream of acrobats in a circus or elsewhere : you don't always have good ideas; your emotional life is not reassuring; you build on unsteady grounds; be more realistic.
You practice acrobatics : you take risks without realizing it; you will make a success of a difficult and hazardous business; it will be a success once but not twice.


You count on your fingers : indicate a lack of confidence in you.
You make additions : that represents tangled financial businesses ;it is necessary to regularize your situation very quickly; be vigilant.
You count and you find the addition correct : the state of your finances is good; you even will project the development of your company.


To feel admired : you are certainly less admired in your everyday -life; you are not conscious of your pride and that can bring you damages in your emotional life as well as in your work.
Pride is the poison itself of each individual who has it; this dream is a warning.
You admire someone : there is in your entourage a person who influences you in the bad direction; be careful if you do not want to suffer injuries in your material life.


You are the victims of an adultery : predicts a fear, the one of no longer being on the same level as your spouse; do not complicate your situation, your fears are likely to compromise everything; be slackened.
You commit an adultery : there are distensions in your couple; having an explanation is necessary.


You undergo an affront : predicts a positive reversal of situation; you will have the possibility of affirming yourself at the head of a significant station; great successes are awaiting you.
You inflict an affront to someone : fear the disorder with your entourage and in your associations; your character is the cause of it; try to compose, be clear.


You are with old people : you have attention and tenderness for the people who surround you; it is well returned to you; you could direct a caritative association.


You deal with a policeman : you do not have a quiet conscience, you feel guilty for faults which remained unavowed; you will undergo, in your life, rules or a control which will not be appropriate to you.


You undergo an aggression : you are going in the good direction; you understood that you could no long act in that way; this awakening will produce good results to you.
You make an aggression : you have bad principles in you; you will regret it in little time; your projects will not be successful and your financial standing will be decreasing; your dream tells you about it.


You read an alphabet : you are an attentive being; you like to understand people.
You make somone else read the alphabet : that predicts many descendants in your family.


You give money to someone : this is not the symbol of poverty; there is a reversal of situation in you life, you get out of trouble, you will gain your rainbow.
You are begging and given some money : your ancestors think of you; advantageous papers will be signed in your favour.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches