Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see an ambulance with wounded people : a person of your entourage who is dear to you will be struck down by a serious disease.
You are driving an ambulance : very soon you will have news from someone who had disappeared from your life.


You are anchoring : this dream predicts that it is high time for you to stabilize; you have too much unconcern inside you, change your behavior.


You can see an angel : you will make a meeting on the spiritual level, which will change your behavior completely.


You are fishing with a fishing-rod : that predicts a heritage but it will not be easy.
You fish with a net : that announces you success in any field; the more abundant the fishing is, the larger the success will be.


You see ants : that predicts a little more activity in your everyday-life; you are inclined to some nonchalance.
The ants invade your wall cupboards : there will be an extension of your family.


You see one or a herd af antelopes running free : you have brilliant ideas and good inspirations; it's a sign of fortune, you should try your chance with your favorite games, so big and fast it might be.
You see antelopes in cages or in a zoo : that predicts your incapacity to exploit the vividness you've got in you; you have an energy which is stagnating; react.


You enter in an antique dealer : your nostalgia prevents you from turning the page and forget your ancestors.
An ancient object is offered to you : you will obtain a promotion or a significant station; there can also be a great change on the emotional side.
You see yourself surrounded with antiques : that predicts a stability in your business especially if the objects are made of bronze.


This disconcerting dream should not frighten you.
You see a deceased person who belonged to your family : it reminds of a mission that you had to achieve and that you have not yet done.
You see an appearance without knowing who is the person : that predicts that you have good inspirations to go ahead in life.


You see beautiful apples and goods blackberries : they bring you hope in your difficult life.
You see rotten apples : they are troubles and scandalmongerings against you, don't take them into account.
You are eating these fruits : you are betrayed but you can't see further than the end of your nose.


You gather or eat apricots : they are beautiful promising days; you have unexpected profits, sentimental joys and an animated sexual life.
You dream of damaged apricots : it is necessary to supervise closely your financial standing; there is carelessness from those who direct it.
You dream of flowered apricot-trees : you will be told about the cure of a person dear to you.


You dream of an aquarium full of fish : it is a sign you are withdrawing into yourself; your ideas are not clear, change your behavior.
You dream of an empty aquarium : your resources are completely exhausted; you will live an unproductive period, you must regain your self-control.


You are sitting in an armchair or on a settee : there will be comfort in your life, it will be a life full of success in the material field as well as in the emotional one : a "gilded" existence.


You are arrested : you must be ready for arguments and public affronts public.
You attend an arrest : you will render a service to a person of your entourage; she will repay you a hundred times over.


That predicts a new birth in your family and a success on the material level.


You live in an attic : beware of your idleness, there is too much carelessness; it's the reflection of your life; you must redouble your efforts to arrive to a better life, even if some of your friends are lecturing you.


It's an impressive dream.
You see an avalanche : this dream predicts advances in your material situation; interests with your profit are in hand; it can also predict an unexpected heritage.
You are taken under an avalanche : that predicts an unhoped-for and imminent fortune; you should try your chance with one of your favorite games.


Whoever holds an axe in his hand and holds it up, will be strong against his enemies and his adversaries.
You see an axe on the ground : it's a sign of threat, danger to you; do not let go to anger, don't lose you temper with people of your entourage, it would be negative for you.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches