Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


See a baby : that predicts a perfect happiness in the house, especially if the baby is beautiful and quite healthy.
You dream of being a baby : this curious dream predicts you that you are adulated by your entourage.
You see a baby in his cradle : there will be other children in the family.


A bailiff knocks at your door : if in reality you have bills or invoices to be paid do not take this dream into account; if on the other hand you do not have debts, you risk a lawsuit; gather all the evidences to prove your good faith.


You see one or several balances : this dream warns you against your suspicious character; your suspicions are not always founded, you must be able to make distinctions indicating someone.
You weigh food : you will have to testify to deliver your opinion; this dream recalls us to order, be always precise.


You are alone on a balcony : your work and your merit will bring you a great chance in your life.
You are delayed with a person on a balcony : mind the scandalmongerings, all is done behind your back, open the eyes.
You see a balcony collapse : it's the loss of your situation or of interests in your company.


You juggle with balls or balloons : you will be skilful; use your relations to draw some advantages from them.
You are a juggler of trade : it means that in a still distant future you will make a success of something unexpected.


Whatever may be the balls you see in dreams : they announce you the realization of all your projects in progress, from a material as well as from an emotional point of view.


You look at a ballet at the opera : that announces your own marriage, either by disproportion of age or of fortune.
You dance in a ballet : you will receive most enticing proposals concerning a situation, (but not very honest); be careful.


You see an empty ballot box : predicts a life where you'll stay unmarried.
You see a full ballot box : predicts abundance in your life, as well as many children.
You see a funeral urn : predicts a birth.
You see a ballot box which lets its contents escape : it is abundance and richness in your life.


Whoever dreams of a balustrade will have a great chance in his life, in particular with helps and supports as well as divine protections.
You are pressed on a balustrade : an important protector will help you in all the fields.
You see a broken balustrade : you have enormous chance; try and play your favorite games.


Actually it is pleasant to carry one's money to the bank
You pass in front of a bank : that predicts a loss of money; be on your guards: a customer or a company in difficulty might not assume the payments to carry out to you.
You receive a credit transfer : you are likely to make a success of your businesses in progress, and they will be prosperous.


You are baptized : a danger in your life will be avoided by an occult protection.
You see a person being baptized : the moment has come, when you will pay the consequences of an error, made in the past.
You see one or more children being baptized : much joy and safety for the family of the dreamer; a great desire will be carried out soon in your life.


You hear dogs bark : be on your guards; listen to the good sure advice of friends, which will allow you to save your financial standing; otherwise you will have litigations which will lead you to a lawsuit.


You see a barometer : you are wrong when you put away friends' advice; they are sincere and not involved; your pride prevents you from listening to them, you must react.


A basket always represents happiness.
A basket full of flowers : your marriage will be happy and will be accompanied with a material ease.
A fruit basket : symbolizes fruitfulness, several beautiful children.
An empty basket : you will have much difficulty to obtain what you want but with a little patience you will be successful !


You have a basket full : your material safety is increasing.
It is filled with fruits : you will have varied pleasures.
A basket of flowers : they are much pleasure and a happy couple-life.


You see a multitude of bats : it is the announce of large benefits in your companies but be wary with the intrigues, you will have some throughout your course.


For the dreamer it's the representation of his new condition.
The cold bath : if it does not cause you nuisance, it indicates prosperity in the businesses, with a great serenity.
A foam and pleasant bath : it indicates a marriage or a free union.
A too hot bath : indicate a disease or a great tiredness for the dreamer.
Envy to take a good bath : it's prosperity, a happy life and a soft old age for the dreamer.


You see a bay-tree : that predicts a great commercial triumph, even if people have been trying to harm you for quite a long time.
You carry a laurel wreath : that predicts a great assured success throughout your life.


You see a bear : You have a large enemy in your shadow; be always on your guards; you will detect him because his awkwardness will lose him.
You fight with a bear and control it : you will triumph over all your difficulties.


A beard seen in a dream symbolizes success.
A black and quite thick beard : predicts success in the businesses in progress.
A beard of clear color : predicts a profit of money without effort; play your favorite games.
A russet-red beard : you have scruples badly placed.
A woman sees herself covered with barb : she will undergo failures in love.
See a beard being cut : predicts the death of friends or remote parents.


You are lying in a bed : be attentive with your health.
You see an unmade bed : be more serious in everyday-life, you will avoid many problems of any kind.
You see a well made bed : life within the family is perfect and the material life is assured.
You sleep in a camp-bed : you will do some adventurous travels.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches