Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You are in a cabaret full of people : the chance smiles to you; be able to seize it.
You are alone in a cabaret : your life is strewn with sorrow; you are not sufficiently charming with your entourage; change your way of seeing things in order to live differently.


Even a cactus seen in dreams pricks !
You dream of a cactus and it pricks you : they are vexations and your pride suffers from it.
You dream that you offer a cactus to someone : you will make vacuum around you; if in the dream you know the person, do have the courage to face her in order to regulate your disagreement, you will succeed in doing it; if the person is unknown for you, you will uncover an enemy, be on your guards.


You dream of cakes : they are invitations between family and friends to have fun ; your presence will be appreciated.


You see a camel : be happy, you who are the dreamer, your business will be prosperous.
You see several camels : you've got the luck of the devil; fortune is at your door, play your favorite plays.


You are photographing people : this dream predicts that you want to make an analysis about a person close to your heart; be lenient, everyone has its defects and its qualities.
You make clear photographs : the results which you are expecting about a business will be positive.
Your photographs are out of focus : you can conclude that a serious "adjusting" is to be made about yourself.


You see one or more candleholder with lit candles : it is a good prediction, you will find an invaluable object in an antiques-shop or in an attic.
You see a craftsman making candles : you have a great unexpected chance of gaining money; try to use it with your favorite games.


You see candlesticks : you are a racketeer and you succeed in your commercial businesses; on the other hand your loves will remain always fragile.
You see a lit candlestick : that predicts safety throughout your life.


You hear hymns : you are well aware, your heart is peaceful and you are grateful with all those who made you good.
You sing canticles : that predicts a certain brittleness of your body and your mind; do not neglect yourself.


You see a caravan pass : that predicts significant steps before arriving to a positive result concerning a project.
You are settled in a caravan : that predicts that you aspire to a quiet life and you will reach that point.


In the dream thet preserve their hazardous significances.
You see a complete card deck : that predicts strokes of luck and you must seize the oppotunity.
You play cards :
It is necessary to remember the values and the dominant colors; according to these cases you will have successes or troubles.
Several Haves : predict a triumph with money.
Several Kings : predict protections.
Several Squares : predict business-travels.
Several Hearts : predict love and affection.
Several Spades : predict concerns and diseases.
Several Ladies : predict jealousy.
Several Servants : predict intrigues in businesses and emotional life.

You see, in front of you, a geographical map : it means an unexpected travel abroad.


You cross a cardinal : that predicts you brillant successes, you drew the good card on your birth-day; your destiny is filled with light.


It is necessary to notice the color of the carnation.
A red carnation : you will live an passionate love.
A white carnation : you are shown love and faithfulness to you.
A yellow carnation : there are envious and jealous people in your love life.

A bunch of multi-coloured carnations : it is necessary to give up loving the person you have in mind, she doesn't love you; wait for better days.


You are in a carnival : in reality they are easy joys, but in dreams it predicts that you must not neglect the serious things of life; you must be more responsible for all that touches family and work.
You carry a mask : you are certainly a person who likes to live hidden; you do not show your true personality, that can cost you failures.


You sow or collect carrots : one will ask you for money; pay attention to whom you are going to lend it.
You eat cooked carrots : you will be able to thwart all the traps that one will set for you.


You see a cascade : you will concretize a much awaited marriage; you deserve this great happiness.


You are in a casino, you do not play : your boldness makes you go ahead, be able to moderate yourself.
You are sitting in front of a coin-machine, you play and you lose, lose... you don't stop going to request tokens from the cash desk : don't feel bad in the morning, when waking up; this dream is the sign of a profit; be happy and enjoy time for good, while being likely to gain.


You see a castle : you are a person on the defensive, and you want to protect yourself from the outside world; be more confident.
You are living in a castle : you are ambitious with a little bit of pride; that can lead you to a certain isolation, be more sociable.
You see the ruins of a castle : pay attention to the too lucrative money investments; you risk to lose much.


This dream is quite curious; if you have cats in life, do not take account of this dream.
You do not have a cat but you dream of cats : that always predicts tricks and treasons from your entourage; be philosophical everything will turn out all right.


To dream of cataclysms or seisms is a warning; if in reality you cross one hard and painful period, do not take account of this dream, it is simply necessary to regulate all your vexations as fast as possible.
If in reality you don't have any problems : that predicts that an imminent justice is going to glorify you.





You buy or drink champagne : it a sign of festivity, family joys; but it's also the announce of large expenditures. You will receive an invitation to take part in a great family festivity, or then, you will celebrate your own marriage and that will cost you much money; but never mind, it will be in happiness!


You see a lit chandelier : you will have a surprise- invitation which will start a great love-story; you will be completely transformed.
You see switched off chandeliers : during a period, you will be tormented by a person of your entourage which will ask you for some help; you will not be able to help her.


You dream you are eating cherries in their season : it is always very good news.
You dream you are eating cherries outside the season : in spite of your boldness you will have much difficulty to carry out a project which is important to you; wait, better days will come.
You gather cherries in high season and your basket is full : you will have great satisfactions on projects which will be carried out without difficulties; it also announces feast-days throughout the year.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches