Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You attend a ball : there will be a heritage for you.
You dance : you will have much difficuty to affirm your sentimental side.
You dance with a person whom you like : you will marry him.
You see dancers enjoy dancing : it's a good prediction; your life will change as you wish it.
You dance without music : you will have reprimands from your family circle.


You are in the darkness, you can not see anything and you walk with difficulty : that indicates that you are a sad person in reality; if troubles occur in your life, they are due to your unstable character; be close to others otherwise, you will not get out of trouble; you must react philosophically.


It is necessary to remember exactly the date or the dreamed number.
It is probable that the date seen in dream informs you of a significant event in your life.
There are also numbers which are beneficial; for that consult the table of the numbers and months, located at the beginning of the site, and play your favorite games.



The date palm represents the goods of the dreamer; if it has a beautiful appearance, it represents easy life fortune and prosperity in thefamily.
You eat dates : you are in perfect health; joys, pleasures, satisfactions await you.


to see DEAD


If in reality you have debts, do not take account of this dream; it is certain that your sleep is disturbed.
In dream you have debts : you will have the more success as the debt is high.
In dream you pay your debts : in reality you will be obliged to borrow money to deal with certain invoices to be regulated in urgency.


In dream you receive a decoration : in reality you will receive honors; there will be a great success in the literary or artistic field.


You leave for an unknown destination : you will learn about the return of a dear person belonging to your close circle and which you didn't expect any more.
You leave by car, by train, by plane : your spirit is open to carry out a project left in a drawer; you will also have contacts with people concerning this project; do not let your chance pass.


You are sitting at your desk and you are waiting : there is a warning on the management of your business; you are too laxist, be vigilant if you do not want to find yourself in front of failures.
You have a desk filled with files and you are working : it is the sign of a good working of your company.


You see the devil : it's a warning against certain people whom you are acquainted with; they seek to set you a trap in your business, be careful if you do not want to be taken out of your right way.


You have diamonds in dreams : in fact large expenditures are to come.
You lose your diamonds : you will have profits and will receive gifts.


You have an open dictionary in front of you : you have a sharp spirit, you overflow with intelligence and you will concretize a project.
You hold a closed dictionary in your hands : your project will take a long time to be realized; take good advice from a real friend.


This dream, above all, is very curious; it has many significances. Our remote ancestors and the Egyptians showed much interest in death. This dream is the sign of great changes.
You see a deceased person in dream : you must be attentive with your money business; have a guiding principle in all the fields.
You are told about a woman's death : you will live an intense love.
You kiss a dead person : you are respect ful of the great values.
You see the death of someone of your entourage : it predicts a birth in your own family but it will be necessary to take care of the health of the new born who will be fragile.
You express sorrow with this death : for you there will be better days.









The dog seen in dream is the sign of a great friendship.
You see two dogs fighting : arguments are to be foreseen in your entourage; it will be your fault.
A dog is running after you : attention with your behaviour; you have a provocative attitude and you disturb people.
A dog is offered to you : it is a great friendship that you will be shown throughout your life.


You see a donkey : this dream predicts that it would be good to change your way of being; it warns you not to hide behind appearances any longer.
You are riding a donkey : this dream predicts you that your patience bore its fruits; you will finally carry out a project which, for a long time, had been close to your heart.
You can hear a donkey bray : a warning about some debts still unpaid; be ready for payments to be carried out.


You carry an empty double sack : it's as in your life, it's the sign of a quite modest life.
Your double sack is full : it means great ease and your old days will be assured.
You see someone carrying a double sack : you are invited to be charitable towards the penniless you know.


You tear off feathers and down from a goose : you will make a rich marriage.
You sleep in some down bag : misfortune is at your door; it is caused by your idleness.
You see some down flying : you have too much pride and you let often pass your chance; you must correct yourself.


You count objects per dozen : it predicts you'll have, soon, a birth in your own family.


You dream of the winged dragon : you have much imagination and that can bring large profits to you; give a little bit of help to chance, it will smile to you.


You are crossing a drawn-bridge: you will discover a hidden thing which will turn your life upside down; you will live a great happiness.


You go to the dressmaker's : You are a sparing person; you know the true values of life and your situation will be stabilized very quickly.
You are sewing in front of your machine : Your great quality is modesty and yet you have genius-ideas, put them forward.


You eat kidney beans : you will have many joys and satisfactions in the family field.
You eat French beans : your health leaves something to be desired; you risk an anaemia.
You sow beans : you are invited to have a good attitude towards your true friends; they always were there when you needed them.


You hear duck shrieks : that predicts scandalmongerings on your account; you are attentive and you will uncover the petty ones.
You raise ducks : you will have a financial success throughout the year and peace in your family.


You see a small human being : it's the sign that you have envious and jealous people around you; you know them, they make you nervous but you do not know how to keep them at distance; have character and say, face to face what you think of them; they will not be proud and you will be rid of them for good.
You dream that you are a dwarf : that predicts that you have ambitions higher than your possibilities; have more comprehension and wisdom.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches