Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You dream of this raptor : you have in your entourage, a powerful and dangerous enemy; this character is avid of your success, be on your guards.
You see an eagle flying and planing : that predicts slownesses, delay in your projects; you lack of dynamism and you are badly surrounded.
An eagle swoops down on you : wait before doing anything in your business, take retreat, you will not do anything good; it also tells of large money losses for the family.


You are wearing these jewels : one invites you to prudence; the flattering ones do too many compliments to you and you have nothing to expect from them; do not be too much friendly.


You eat bread : a long life is assured for you if you are sitting at a table.
You eat, sitting on the floor : you have much difficulty to satisfy your desires; you are an introvert; make an effort to change your way of life and everything will go better.


You see eels in water : an opportunity is likely to escape you because of your lack of boldness; be vigilant not to miss a pretty good sum of money.
You see eels out of water : it's a warning against scandalmongerings; quickly solve this problem to make these backbiters shut up.


This dream has many significances.
An egg laid under your eyes : that announces you the birth of a child in your family.
You see hard-boiled eggs or eat some : you will receive unpleasant news.
You see eggs in a basket : your company is in difficulty, it is necessary to redouble prudence; supervise your accounts.
You see broken eggs : the gossip are going at a good pace, but be a diplomat; after the rain, nice weather.
A stone-egg : it predicts money coming in.
A gold egg : it's great success; gold in dreams as in reality promises total chance to us.


You see yourselves being elected : you like to go ahead; you have actually messages to give, you will find the means to reach that point.


You see an elephant : you are considered with much respect.
You go up on an elephant : an occult protection takes care of you.
An elephant is pursuing you: serious dangers threaten your life, prudence in absolutely necessary.


You go up with an elevator : you will progress, evolve, profit of a great chance; there are beautiful prospects of money; try your chance with games of chance or with the stock market, it will be a brilliant sucess.
You go down with an elevator : you will cross one dubious period, your spirits will be low; let the storm pass, you will have better times.
You are perched on stilts : do not be imprudent, you risk a physical fall.
You see several people on stilts : these are interests which are threatened; in both cases be careful.


See W.C.


You do not manage to open your eyes : you will live an impassioned love.
You feel your eyes tired : your business is on the decline; be twice as cautious.
You see yourself with beautiful eyes : you will live a sincere and durable love.
Your are crying : you cross a period of bad luck but then you will find a larger chance because of it all.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches