Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


In dream, the plays have many significances.
You play at the roulette or at all other plays, and you lose : you are sure to gain the jackpot.
You gain : do not play during a certain time, you would be likely to lose your money in everyday-life; pay your invoices when necessary, you need vigilance.


You cultivate your garden : it predicts money-profits which will increase throughout the year.
You are walking in your flowered garden : you will have solid friendships which will accompany you throughout your life; you will have a healthy and pleasant existence.
Your garden is not cultivated : that warns you against people with whom you had disagreements and then reconciled; they will come and ask you a financial aid.


You see geese and can hear them : do not complain even if they are pursuing you, happiness returns by the doors and the windows of your house.
You kill them and pluck them : they are profits and profits coming from everywhere; seize all the occasions, play, dabble on the stock-market.




You see giants : that always announces chance in your material companies, as well as success in your love affection life.


It's always pleasant to make or receive gifts.
You make a gift to somebody : that predicts that your kindness will lose you; unexpected expenditures will occur.
You receive a gift : they are gratifications and honors which you will receive in your life.


You offer money : there is a threat for you; ungrateful people will make you lose much money.
You receive money : a significant character can bring you a change of situation.


You are wearing glasses in a dream whereas you are not in life : one warns you against your nonchalance; you complain that you do not have chance, it's only up to you to provoke it.
You break your glasses : you are a beginner in the businesses; you will have to assert yourself before undertaking a development; ask some help from qualified people.


You see full glasses : that announces abundance to you.
You see empty glasses : you have a small tendency to prodigality.
You break a glass : your marital happiness will be very important.
A glass of water is offered to you : there will be a birth in your family.
You drink a wine-glass : you like comfort.


You are wearing gloves : that announces honors and official receptions for you.
You lose your gloves : be on your guards, you will not be equal to the situation you will be proposed.
You buy gloves : you have people in your entourage who want to compliment you on a success that you obtained; do not receive them, they are envious, they are not sincere with you.


You are walking : your activity goes ahead, you are quite self-confident.
You are walking back : be careful, in your work there is someone who watches out faux-pas from your part to occupy your station.
You walk on excrements : you have an insolent chance, run and buy a lottery ticket or play your favorite plays; you are sure of winning a significant amount of money.


You see a he-goat : this dream symbolizes the role of sexuality in your life; it is also of good predicts on your finances
If you kill it : the chance is the bigger.


To see goats in dream announces richnesses and large fast profits.
In reality the goat represents a capricious animal; the dreamer is capricious too, but without any nastiness.
The white goats bring joys to the family.
The black goats predicts small concerns of no importance.


To bid one's farewell : predicts that you do not want to re-examine certain people of your entourage any more; you will not suffer from seeing them take some distance; it's up to you to make this decision.
You receive good-byes : you will move away from an antipathic person who touches your private life; act with diplomacy and firmness, if you do not wish to see her coming back more quikly than she went away.


The ears of grains are an excellent prediction.
You see a corn field with beautiful ears : your fortune will be ensured by your work, be certain of it.
You see silos filled with grains : the abundance will be even more important.
You see a devastated corn field : that predicts losses and vexations; it is necessary to be vigilant.
You see a bag of flour : you are an ant, that protects you from poor times.
You see bags of flour : that brings financial safety to you and a fortune to come; be attentive with all that is presented to you.
You are harvesting : it predicts prosperity and abundance; you will have sudden and brilliant financial successes;
if you have got some shares, you will collect large benefits.


You see a beautiful bunch of grapes : it's always a sign of great satisfactions.
You are eating some : the profits and the benefit come to you in abundance.
You are pressing the bunches of your grapes with your feet : your future promises assured material profits to you.


You see grasshoppers or insects : you must take precautions as for your budget, you might be short of money at the end of the month.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches