Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see hail falling : that announces vexations, a painful period it will be necessary to surmount.


it's a good dream in general.
You have very beautiful hair : this dream predicts health and intelligence.
A fair hair : predicts jealousy.
A white hair : predicts durable loves.
A curly hair : predicts coquetery and idleness.
You are losing your hair : your spirit is sharp and imaginative.


You are holding a hammer : in fact strokes of fate and will get you and you will not be able to compensate for them; you can reduce these bad moments thanks to your precaution.
You work with a hammer : you will stabilize your material life after many efforts.


You are balancing yourself in a hammock : you are expecting news from friends who are abroad.
You sell hammocks : you will go on a great journey and you will have no more desire to come back; you could even settle in this country.


You have beautiful hands or you see beautiful hands : you are a refined person and you are shown worthy affections.
You have dirty hands : your frequentations leave a lot to be desired; be attentive at any meeting.
You have your hands filled with gold coins : you will receive one significant present, or you will find a treasure.




Whatever may be the harvest
: that announces large profits as far as it is plentiful..
The harvest is poor and in bad condition : these are bad periods that you will undergo in the year in progress.
You are sowing : that announces health and material richness to you.
You see the sowing being made : it's a warning for you; you are resting ou your laurels, be more enterprising to succeed.


You are wearing a hat or you see hats : you are a respectful person and you will have much chance in your business.
Your hat is worn out : you are an introverted person with complexes.


You are making hays and you see haystacks : they are large profits on your activities; the triumph is ensured for the whole year.
The hay is wet : predicts loss of money or of a significant object; for a farmer who makes this dream, it's a warning, he must be very vigilant if he does not want to lose part of his goods.


You see a switched off headlight : you have much courage and temper to conclude a difficult task, you will succeed.
You see a lit headlight : your financial success is flourishing but you still have a thorny problem to solve; do not neglect the advice one will be able to give you, they will be precious ones.


Hedges, so beautiful and well cut they may be : often predict small obstacles, especially in your love life; but with flexibility and philosophy you can find solutions.


You see a hedge-hog : you will be victim of envious people and scandalmongers; but you have the necessary authority to try to keep order.


See also Farmyard

The color of hens plays a role;
A white hen : it's perfect happiness
A black hen : these are small troubles that you will manage to solve.
A russet-red hen : it is the sign of the coquetery and the defects which you hide.


It is a very good dream in general.
The herd belongs to you : announces prosperity and richness.
You are looking after a herd : This is thanks to your assiduous work that you will succeed in living comfortably.
You see a herd which is escaping : you will meet with many failures before reaching a stability.
You see a herd passing by : it is an excellent prediction; it announces prosperity, abundance and peace in your family.
These animals belong to you : great richnesses await you, the more so as they are healthy.
These animals are thin : it's a warning; you must get more involved in the defense of your interests.
You see these animals running : be wary of certain friends who surround you, they are more interested in your money than in yourself.
You see an ox with large horns : it predicts you large benefits.
You are wounded by an ox : be careful, an accident could occur.
You kill an ox : that predicts a great triumph on your enemies; if you have a lawsuit in progress, you will win the case.




You see a hive with its bees : you will have an extraordinary activity and be well off throughout your life, with moreover a good health.


You see this shrub with its beautiful red balls : that promises a very great success in your professional life; if you have projects in progress, they will be led successfully.


This dream is a good prediction; the horse represents force and courage.
You see several horses : you have friends who will need your assistance; give them a help.
it is also for the dreamer the sign of great capacities to conclude the most delicate operations.
You see a wild horse : you will masterfully treat a delicate business ; vigilance will be necessary.
You find a horseshoe : you can go and buy a lottery ticket, it will be a winning one.


You are walking in droppings : you will have much chance in love, and fortune is coming; try your chance with your favorite games.


You are on a racecourse and you are betting on horses
- if you gain : do not play during a certain time because you will lose your money.
- if on the contrary you lose money in dreams : there, you can play, all the hopes are allowed.


You go to a hospital and you see many patients : you have an unfailing health.
You are hospitalized : you have a project, close to your heart and you will spend much time to carry it out.
You see an empty hospital : have fears about the health of your family; take care of it.


You have several houses : that does not predict success; it is necessary to be wary of the delusions of grandeur.
You are a craftsman and you build your own house : do not do it too quickly and make it according to your budget; do not make a large investment, it will not be favorable to you.


You see a hunchback : the marriage is at your door and as in the life the hunchback means great chance at games.
In dream you are uneven : it is necessary to mind some of your defects which prevent you from carrying out your life quite successfully.


You dream of the figure 100 : you have the "baraqua"; play your favorite games, you will be sure of a significant profit.


You go to hunting : that predicts a sorrow of short duration.
You see a hunter : a person will seek to harm you but you will find who she/he is.
You are wounded by a hunter : you will undergo a defeat in love.
You are poaching: be on your guards, you like to abuse people around you but you can be abused in your turn.


You live in a comfortable hut : you will run happy days and you will be able to be satisfied with your fate.
You live in a hut without comfort : predicts that your work is quite painful, and you do not have the choice to get out of this situation; it's also a friendship in loss speed; make efforts.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches