Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You dream you are losing your jewels : that announces new and useful relations to you.
You see that your jewels are taken or stolen from you : it predicts a new coming of money.
You dream of silver jewels : this dream is very beneficial; your chances are certain, your projects will succeed.
You buy gold jewels : pay great attention to your bag or to your purse, you risk to lose them.
You receive jewels as a gift : do not borrow money at the moment, it will be very difficult to refund this loan.
You find jewels : that warns you against any temptation in everything that concerns money.


You are in front of a judge : there are some heavy things in your life which you do not manage to "evacuate"; change your way of living.
You are judges : you have a problem which you cannot solve by yourself; it will be necessary to have some help from one of your best friends, your conscience will feel relieved.
You are judged : be vigilant with your material businesses; be clear-sighted in order to avoid problems.
You are talking with a judge : you will avoid any plot in your business.


You see a juggler : you are an intelligent person with a sharp and skilful spirit which is much useful in your life.
You are a juggler : be careful; you trust people too much, you have crafty people around you, be able to detect them.
You juggle with rings : you have a significant decision to take in an enticing business; think a lot before getting involved.


You juggle with balls or balloons : you will be skilful; use your relations to draw some advantages from them.
You are a juggler of trade : it means that in a still distant future you will make a success of something unexpected.


You are doing high jump : you will be strong in life and you will succeed in your material life.
You are doing long jump : that gives you less chance but success is at the end.
You are skipping : you can measure your possibilities to advance in life; for the businessmen, one should not manage with blinkers, psychology is essential.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches