Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see kangaroos : attention, your financial transactions are confused; quickly take stock with your adviser; order must be respected to avoid troubles.
You see kangaroos in a zoo : that predicts control in your business.


The dreamer is a woman and she is wearing a kepi : in the shadow, there's a man who burns with passion for you, but he doesn't dare to show it to you; open your eyes wide, he is the man you are looking for.
The dreamer is a man and he is wearing a kepi : you have a too much disproportionate ego; you will have to do much to assert yourself in front of your heads for a promotion; you can reach that point, but if having another vision of the things of life.


You are holding some keys in your hands : if you must marry it is the moment to do it, your marriage will be happy.
You find a bunch of keys : you will get out of an embarrassing situation.
You lose your keys : you will undergo an affront by your fault, people around you do not like your behaviour; you will have to find a solution.


There are many significances when one dreams of the kiss
You embrace someone without special electivity : you will obtain,from this person, not only good advice but much gratification of any kind.
You kiss with taste and sympathy : it is rather the contrary; it is necessary to be wary of this person seen in a dream.
You receive kisses : you are very well accepted in your life; one testifies to you much kindness and affection.
You kiss the ground : you risk being humiliated by your close relations.
You embrace a dead person: if he is unknown to you, you will very soon receive an amount of money.
One kisses you on the face : you get married, or may be it will concern one of your close relations.
You give a large kiss on the mouth : be careful with imprudences in your love life.


This dream has a little odd significance.
You see knelt people : false rumours are to be feared on your person, but with diplomacy you will manage to control these rumours.
You kneel in front of a woman : you are going to abuse this person or one in your close relations.
You kneel in front of a man : you will undergo a higher affront from a superior.
Someone kneels in front of you : you have a high moral value; you are considered.
You walk on your knees : fear humiliations coming from people in your family or from friends; there are things you shouldn't have said or done; admit your wrongs otherwise difficulties await you.


To dream of knives is always the sign of quarrels and conflicts.
You offer a knife : it predicts a rupture with this person.
You receive a knife as a gift : you will be the victim of a fraud which will put you in a great anger.
You find a knife : it predicts a marital inaccuracy from both parts.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches