Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches



You go round in a labyrinth : that predicts difficulties, obstacles in your social life; you must arm yourself with patience in everything you must do concerning your work; the success will not be easy and it's this patience which will lead you to the success; have help from some sure friends.


You see ladies or women : the scandalmongerings go good train, be a diplomat.
You see tall women : your projects will not be successful.
You see small women : they are even more dangerous; the gossip will do enormously you wrong, your life will be tormented.


The ladybird is heralding good news.
You see ladybirds flying and landing upon you : the news you are expecting are about to come; in fact they are about an engagement, a marriage, or a great family celebration; be delighted.
The ladybird predicts great protections.


You see a beautiful lake with clear water : your emotional and your material life is at the pinnacle of success.
You see turbid water : be wary, on the contrary, about friendly people whom you are trusting.
You cross a lake without incident : you will surmount all your obstacles.
You are carried by water : that predicts delays, obstacles in your projects; if you must make loans, it will be difficult to obtain them; be patient, better days will come.


The lamb seen in a dream is the symbol of purity of innocence and freedom.
The sight of a lamb : predicts that whatever your concerns or difficulties, a great positive change awaits you; you succeed in your tests; you will be a new character as far as the lamb is not killed.


You see one or several lit lamps : that predicts impassioned loves.
You see extinct lamps : You want to bring a secrecy to light at the risk of losing the woman whom you love.
You see lit chinese lanterns : that predicts family joys, pleasures in festivals.
You see extinct chinese lanterns : in the days to come you will feel a great tiredness; some rest is necessary.
You hold a lantern with your hand : you are careful in life, you study evrything before engaging yourself; you will not have plenty of money but sufficiently to have good life.


In your house to dream of one or more lamp-shades : if you are married, there is from either side a lack of frankness between you; if you are unmarried, it will be in your close circle.


You contemplate a fertile land : you will live in abundance; you will have good and happy periods in your emotional life.
You buy lands : this is not of good omen; that means that, in reality, you are short of money.


You leave your partner or companion : it's a sign of affection for the person whom you leave in the dream.
You take off clothing : a great service will be rendered to you in your life; you will have great need for it.


You see an empty library : you are informed that in spite of your capacities you are lazy.
You see a library filled of books : you made many efforts to have the stability which you obtained; all these efforts will have their rewards.


You dream you have on you these repulsive parasities : when waking up, don't be frightened, you will very quickly grow rich thanks to a game of chance.
You kill these parasites : be vigilant with all that touches the material, loans, finances; your lack of initiative is likely to compromise everything.


You dream that you are in the light : it predicts a material and an emotional success; you will be considered.
To dream in the light always announces a great success.




You see linen or clothes well arranged in a cupboard : this dream predicts prosperity in all the fields; the more linen there is the larger the success will be.
You see dirty linen : in fact humiliations and reverses of fortune await you.


You are in front of a lion : you have a powerful protective friend who will render great services to you; do not neglect him.
You are pursuing a lion : your precarious material situation is threatened; be vigilant.
The lion runs away in front of you : the triumph is assured for you.


You see beautiful lips : that predicts joy and good health in the family circle; that can also be a forthcoming sentimental meeting for the dreamer.
You see unpleasant lips : you will live a sentimental sorrow.


To see liquor bottles in dream : it announces to you, consideration and respect; you like to feast in pleasant company.
You do make liquors : attention, do not overstep the bounds with your relations; you tend to grant yourself goods by not very scrupulous means; change your behavior.


You see lizards : this dream predicts new protections and friendships.


This dream invites you to prudence.
You make a loan : in reality do not do it if not obliged to because you will have much difficulty to refund the money.
A person asks you some money : you must be careful if one comes and ask you money, it will never be returned to you.


You see or you use a lock : this dream invites you to caution; it's either a loss of objets or a robbery in your house, do not be negligent.


You see a lock : your material situation is in danger; you are collecting the errors; fear that your superior may dismiss you.


You see loggers at work : that predicts that you have a tendency to rely too much on the others; do not abuse, you could have reversals.
You are a logger : that predicts that your courage will bring you the serenity you are expecting.


You lose your way : you will be in an embarrassing situation concerning your material life; this is not by your courage that you will manage to rectify it.
You lose something : that promises you a beautiful lucky find.




In your dream you love passionately : you will be unhappy in reality.
In your dream your feelings of love are rejected : in life, you will be madly loved; it is also a guarantee of hope.
You dream of a shared love : attention... there is a rival who wants to supplant your couple.
Even in dreams, love is quite complicated.


You receive a love-declaration
- if in the dream you know the person : it's the rich sign of an intense and prosperous love life.
- you do not know the person : do not be naive, one will try to set a trap for you; be vigilant.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches