Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches



You see machines of all kinds : you will be much helped in your company and the result will be assured.
The machines are moving : they are successes with large profits; you have a great capacity to manage your company.
You see the machines stopped : you don't make much effort to go back to work; you lose much time and time is money.


You are a magician : you are a dynamic person, your skill will push you to go further and further in the creation of new jobs and that is a good thing for you; it's a beautiful dream, you can expect beautiful years ahead of you.


The men of law seen in dreams represent a warning.
Be vigilant with everything that could lead you to a lawsuit; you wouldn't have much chance to get out of it; avoid anger and try to find solutions.


You receive mail : you will be proposed an association in a business; accept it without thinking, it is an opportunity to launch yourself in businesses.


You are made up or you see someone made up : that warns you against a lack of honesty towards certain people who surround you. Be careful because some day you might have to face a lot of affronts; try to correct yourself.


You are covered with a mantilla: not only your secrecies are well kept, but if you have friendly persons who confide theirs to you, the former will be doubly well-kept.
In everyday-life you are a respectful person; your friends are happy to have you.


You read a manuscript : that predicts different successes, money coming by heritage or donations.


You see or you touch white marble : it's a warning; you will need much patience with the partner (man or woman) whom you met; this person will need all your confidence.
You see coloured marble : that is very beneficial; a beautiful coming in of money is awaited by opportunity; you can try your chance with your favorite plays.


You dream that you are getting married: that predicts difficulties in your couple-life; be more flexible and everything will be fine.
You see a marriage : it announces a death in your family or a serious disease.
While at a marriage you have a quarrel : that predicts a sumptuous gift coming from your spouse.


You see salt-water marshes : you can continue your activity without risk, your rear is assured and your future is prosperous.
You get stuck in a marsh : mind your business, be vigilant, do not leave anything neglected because there is a little idleness in yourself; ask for some help.


You are climbing up a mast : it's a beautiful prediction, you will make fortune; you can play your favorite games, you will receive something important.
You are going down a mast : that predicts the opposite; do not speculate, do not play during a certain time, you would risk to lose much money.


You aare lighting a match : your ideas are brilliant and fast; it's an extraordinary chance which happens to you; play one of your favorite games, it's a "flash-chance".
You are holding a box full of matches : your head is full of very good ideas, but you let everything pass; be more thoughtful.
You are holding an empty box : be careful not to lose what you gained.
You drop a box of matches, the matches are spread about on the floor : there is disorder in your life; tidy up your head; do not yield to desires or fancies.


You are mending something : this dream predicts you a quiet life, happiness, peace in your family; it also predicts the arrival of a child.


You drink milk : you want to build a family and you will have it.
You spill milk : attention, there will be a loss, probably of money in your company because of a lack of vigilance, be attentive.
You see milk which turned : quarrels are to be envisaged.
You see an old person breast-feeding a baby : it will be, for the person seen in the dream, an assured old age.


You see mills turning : they are unexpected and substantial profits.
The mill is stopped : you will be in difficulty during a certain time but you are sufficiently courageous to rectify this situation.


You look yourself in a mirror : be wary of the smooth talkers, you risk being abused.
The mirror is also the reflection of one's personality; this dream makes you discover your small defects which in reality you wish to hide.


You have banknotes : be careful, money burns a hole in your pocket, you are prodigal and spend lavishly.
You lose money : it is a sign of reverse of fortune but followed by new coming in of money.
You are counting money : they are profits, money gained easily but also spent quickly.


You dream of this animal : that predicts deceptions and mockeries from a person whom you know well; you are suffering from it; make her/him understand that she/he must put an end to it and that the defects exist in each human being.


You see a very round moon : this dream predicts prosperity in your family and safety in your material life; your aim will be reached.
You see a downward moon : you must take care of your business; there are always ups and downs in life but after such a dream, be the more prudent!
You see a moon surrounded with a halo: it predicts your marriage or the mariage of someone close to you.
If you are likely to touch the moon with your hands : it announces a quickly made fortune, an unquestionable chance with the games of chance; go and hit the jackpot in a casino; this dream is extraordinary.


You climb up a mountain : you won't have anything to fear for your finances; this dream announces you that you will go on a beautiful pleasure-trip.
You go down a mountain : that warns you against any immediate speculative project; let the bad days go by.




You see a beautiful mouth with beautiful lips and beautiful teeth : that predicts that you are bubbling over with vitality, and so is your family.
You see an ugly mouth with damaged teeth : that predicts the loss of close relations or many material troubles; before making the analysis of this dream, see whether you need to consult a dentist.


It is raining and you are walking in mud : it is the sign of a life entangled with troubles and torments; if you are already in this situation do not make the analysis of this dream; remain careful despite of everything, this dream is a warning to you.


You are gathering or eating mushrooms : that predicts a solid union and a long and happy life. Only the black mushrooms are a prediction of danger.


It's always pleasant to hear some music; it brings us happiness and joy.
You are playing a musical instrument : you will have many considerations and satisfactions in your life; you are a loved person.
You see artists playing music : it's the sign of family joys and happy loves.
You can hear someone playing out of tune : in this case you must fear arguments in your neighbourhood; stay in the background.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches