Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches



You see a nacelle : you will get what you desire most in your life.
You see a nacelle filled with people on the point to land : that predicts a great success in your material and emotional life.
You see an empty nacelle : that does not promise you success; stop any project, any desire for speculating; this is not the moment for success.
You see the nacelle with its balloon : you want to travel all over the world; adventure does not frighten you and fortune smiles to the daring one.


This dream has several meanings.
You trim your nails : be careful with the arguments and the misunderstandings in your family.
You have long nails : idleness is your defect.
Your nails are excessively long : they are unexpected profits. Your nails are short: you work honestly.
Your nails are falling or are damaged : that predicts difficulties; you risk to have money-problems or a serious disease; bad days are coming, be careful.


The flower of Narcisse seen in dream, predicts the separation of a couple which will be done gradually.
You make a bunch of Narcisses : they are wishes that you do not dare to formulate by fear of a refusal.


You find a needle : you are on the good way; you have all the elements necessary to solve a conflict; besides, reparation will be made for a wrong caused.
You thread a needle : that promises a union or a fast marriage for you and it will bring you a great stability.
You prick yourselves with a needle : it's extremely fortunate you pricked your finger, because you will become aware that you are naive and irresponsible..
Needles are offered to you : observe, with attention, the person who offers them to you; if you know her/him it will show you the procedure to start an esential project for you; if this person is unknown to you, you will be likely to meet a person who will bring you come help.


You see fishing nets or a bow net : there will be a significant change in your life, you will adopt a way of living differently.
You fall into a net : that predicts that you will have an unproductive period in your life; be precise in everything you will undertake; you also risk to undergo a divorce or a separation.


You see a calm and starry night : it predicts improvement in your situation.
Moreover you see the moon shining : there will be a love-declaration : a passion which will bring great happiness to you.


You dream you are at your notary's : may be you are going to marry or an uncle write a will in your favour.
In the dream, you, are the notary : in fact great successes await you because of your seriousness and your assiduity in your work.
You receive a heritage : that predicts that you will have a succession but it will not be without difficulties.


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You are eating nuts : you will be efficient in your work.
You collect nuts : that predicts difficult moments but you will be able to surmount them.
You break nuts : marital arguments are to be feared but of no importance.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches