Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You are painting a picture : that predicts a quiet life.
You buy paintings : you want to place your money; do not do anything without an adviser.
You sell paintings : one warns you against a bad speculation.
You are walking in a painting gallery : that predicts an invitation where you will meet interesting people for your future.
You are contemplating your portrait : do not listen all the people who are boasting near you; it's only nonsense.


You return in a palace where you are invited : it's a prediction of success, of a brilliant situation due to significant friends who give you a good protection.


You see palm trees : that promises you the realization of your projects in progress, with honorary advantages.


You are making pancakes, you eat some : in the course of a next family-meeting one will speak of heritage or donation.


You dream of this beautiful animal : you have a great defect, you are jealous and that is very painful for you.
You kill this beautiful animal : you will have triumph above all your rivals; you are fed up with all these profiteers who are around you.



You see parachutes going down : that predicts great chances in your material life, an assured success throughout your life.
You are going down in a parachute : you took a great risk to settle comfortably; you will succeed after much effort.


You see a procession of people : you are loved and your friends are faithful to you.
You take part in a fashion parade : you have ambitions on a great project in association; you will carry it out.


You dream of your parents : be attentive with them, they risk an accident or a disease.
You see your uncles or your aunts : they are heritages or donations which you will receive from their share.
You see your nephews, nieces, sisters, cousins : there will be great discussions in the family to solve a problem concerning money.


You see a flowered park : they are good holidays and beautiful voyages in prospect.
You walk in a wooded park : that predicts a convalescence if you have just gone out of a disease; otherwise some difficulties are to be feared with money.
You have a park : you are warned against your vanity; you should correct yourself if you do not want to be in a difficult situation.


You dream of this beautiful bird : that always predicts chatterings; actually you will learn an indiscretion which will be beneficial for you.


All depends on the pastries which you eat in dreams : you eat madeleines, macaroons: they are small sorrows in love.
You eat brioches : you will be misled in a business.
You eat nougats : you will learn a birth which will fill you with joy.
You eat babas : that announces a pleasant surprise to you.
You eat wafers or tarts : you act in life as you should, you are on the good way.


You are sick : it'sthe sign of a good health.
You have a headache : you will pile up a fortune very quickly.
You return visit to a patient : your family will need you.
You have pains : you need rest; it's a sign; do not wait.


You see peach-trees in flowers : that announces chance in love for you.
You gather or eat peaches : predicts confessions made to you in the next days.
You have only one peach in your hands : you have a passion for a person who is too shy to declare herself/himself; help her/him.


You see this beautiful bird with its multi-coloured feathers : this dream predicts that you are conceited; you try to hide it but some of your friends are conscious ot it; make efforts for your greater comfort.


You see a pear-tree with its fruits : you will have a great success due to your intelligence.
You are gathering pears : you are a sparing person and this quality will enable you to succeed.
You are eating a pear : that announces expensive pleasures to you but more expensive than you can afford.


You are wearing a pearl-collar : that predicts luxury and brilliant meetings.
You sell pearls : you will undergo fortune reversals.
You sell or are wearing false pearls : that predicts warnings against the smooth talkers; be attentive, otherwise you will have nothing but disappointments.


You dream of this beautiful bird: you receive a help from your family; be grateful.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches