Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see rabbits in freedom : it's a good prediction, your projects are in a good way, especially if the rabbits are white.
You see black rabbits : that predicts a mourning in your family.
You eat rabbit : that predicts material prosperity.
You kill out rabbits while hunting : you will want to get involved in insane companies, that will be possible if you find help near a good adviser.


You are on a raft : your businesses are fragile, do not try to want to launch yourself out into other projects; wait to consolidate your company.
You are building a raft : your projects will be successful but you will need solid assistances.
You see a raft which is sinking : that predicts a stop of your activity.


You see railways : you will have an opportunity to make fortune in an honest business; you are likely to make a success of it, do not let it pass.


This dream is marvellous; it is the link with your interior force; this dream is rare, it is heralding happy events.
The one who dreams of a rainbow, will have immense joys in the months to come; he will get out of all his troubles; he will know peace on earth. The rainbow is a guide.


You dream of this animal : if it walks in the same direction as you, your dream announces favorable chances in what you undertake.
The ram comes to your meeting : attention in your work, there is a person who envies your post; be on your guards, you will know the unwelcome person.
You get on a ram : you will go from success to success; but do not fall otherwise your chances will be less important.


You dream of rats or mice : that predicts a disease for you or a member of your family; there may also be false people around you who try to swindle you; be very vigilant. Pay also great attention to your finances; do not spend more than you win.


You are at the edge of a ravine : that indicates a threat; one is likely to set a trap for you.
You cross a ravine : there, you will be the big winner.
You fall into a ravine : it is better to reject any project proposed to you and be careful as for your financial transactions.


You see reels of thread : that predicts that you are a relevant person; there is some difficulty to understand your behaviour; be more flexible.
You see tangled threads : that predicts that you are a quite mysterious person and your entourage is wondering a lot about you.
You are reeling off some thread : disruptions are to be forescen and they will bring a change of way of life.


You move : a great change is preparing for you; you will be promoted at a station in another area; your marital status will be also hustled.
You see your friends moving : you risk to lose your employment; you must stay prudent.


To dream of reptiles is always of bad omen; it should be looked into reality to see if you are in conflict with certain people; if so, do not take account of this dream; otherwise, you must be vigilant because you will have to undergo cheatings and treasons.


You see yourself rich in dream : it's a warning; you will be disappointed when waking up because you are not rich in reality; it will even be very difficult to become rich; only your savings will enable you to have some money aside.


You are sitting behind the rider : you have certainly a very effective protection in your life coming from a friend whom you can trust throughout your life.
You are the rider : you are a winner, great successes await you due to your efforts.
You are the rider and you go down from your mount : attention with the losses of money or temporary difficulties in your business; vigilance is necessary.


You see gold and silver circles : it's the sign of a great physical and moral force.


You see a quiet river : your life will be protected.
On the river there are barges : the success will be large on the material level.
You fall into the river : a stroke of fate with a good connotation, do not miss it.
You see a beautiful river : it announces a beautiful travel in prospect; if water is clear: there will be, in addition to the successes, some varied profits; if the water is turbid: you are threatened by a danger during travels, be very careful.
You are bathing in the river : triumph is ensured in your life.


You steal somebody : you will undergo next money losses; be very careful.
You are stolen : you will undergo a disappointment; you will be very annoyed by it because the responsible ones are people whom you know well.



You look at a rock : it's a sign of ambition.
You are at the top of a rock : you will carry out all your desires thanks to your own merit.
You are going down a rock : you will have money losses; you will have some difficult months to pass, be attentive.


You see rockets : that predicts the great and good news which relates to a promotion in your work.
You are shooting rockets : you will have successes in your company or your work which are precarious.


This figure represents positive disruptions and changes;
the person who dreams of the roman number X, will have the chance of her/his life.


You walk on a roof without fear : you have an unfailing energy; you succeed in life; you are a courageous person in reality.
You slip from a roof : a danger threatens you; attention in your speculations, you are likely to lose much money; it could make you sick.




You are rowing in dream : you must get rid of troublesome people around you; they are bad advisers; they prevent you from progressing in your life.


You see yourself ruined : what a chance you have!! countless money successes await you; try your chance with your favorite games.


You are running : you neglect a good bargain, what a pity !
You see one or more people running: an unforeseen event will happen to you; seize this opportunity.
You are runing after an enemy : triumph over your troubles and profits at stake.
To want to run and not to be able to : they are obstacles and difficulties which you will meet in your life.


You undergo a sentimental rupture : this dream indicates the opposite to you; you will beat the record of longevity of your loves.
You have a rupture with a friend or the family : you will be confronted with an argument with either the friend or the family; you will be accused of things which you haven't done.
You slap somebody : that predicts bad talkings about you.
You are slapped : this is hardly better; you must analyze yourself with accuracy not to be affronted.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches