Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


Any sharp blade seen in dreams is not the announce of a good prediction: quarrels, arguments, and even treasons are to be feared; be vigilant.


You see sailors ashore : it's a great chance in your business thanks to your dynamism.
You see sailors on a boat at sea : that predicts a warning on a project; it must be finalized before realizing it.


This dream predicts that you must avoid overeating.


The salamander makes you become aware that you have an unfailing devotion; you do much good around you, go on doing it.


You see a sand mound : that predicts a warning against projects which are not sufficiently studied to be carried out.
You are on a sand beach : that predicts either joys, loves or pleasures of short duration.


Salt is a sign of wisdom.
You eat salt : you will be invited to a reception where you will meet people who will be useful to you in the future.
You spill some salt : these are always arguments but you could avoid them with a little more tact.


You are climbing up a ladder or stairs : that predicts,for you, a flourishing year from the material point of view; that can also be a change of work, to your advantage.
You stop in the medium of a ladder : you will meet obstacles in your work-year; better days await you.
You go down a ladder : failures are to be feared; you miss boldness, you aren't sufficiently supported.
You fall from a scale : you risk to lose your employment for lack of competence.
You use a slope to go up : very slowly you will make a success of your material life; your great defect is to be obstinate; do not go on being like that, otherwise you'll have difficulty to succeed.


You carry a thick scarf and it's in good condition : you will occupy a significant and profitable station.
You carry a perforated or torn scarf : that indicates professional vexations.


You see red color : you like the compliments and the honors from your superiors and your entourage, but your vanity alone will be satisfied, that will not bring anything else to you.


You are pricked by a scorpion : this dream warns you against certain people that you see regularly and who seek to harm you; you will also cross a difficult period, prudence is necessary.


You see a scythe : it's a warning for your work, you could have an accident.
You are mowing : you are exploited without you realizing it; be on your gards.


You can see a blue and sunny sea : it's the image of your life.
You see a very agitated sea : you will spend a period of pecuniary troubles; you will be able to surmount them thanks to your efforts.
You see the rising tide :it predicts a change or a promotion in your work.
You see the ebbing tide : it's a pecuniary difficulty due to a lack of work.


You see a shark : you will receive a heritage; there will be many dishonest person people around you and it will be necessary to make you helped by a good adviser, otherwise a good part of your money could be embezzled.


The sheep seen in dream predicts a reassuring future.
You have a great number of sheep : it's an acquisition of considerable property which will protect you from hardship for your whole life.
You capture a sheep : it's an immediate profit.
You can hear sheep bleating : you will receive an effective help.
You see a shepherd or you are a shepherd : it's the sign, unforeseeable, of your marriage; if the shepherd is accompanied by his herd it's the sign of an inheritance which will bring you some wealth.


You are collecting shellfish : you will go on a remote journey and you will meet a very significant person who will mark the great departure of your life.
You are collecting shells : you are a nostalgic person; do not waste your time on a project which will never be born; go on jogging along.


You are under a shelter : you live everyday-life with serenity.
You seek a shelter : fear reproaches and disputes with people of your entourage; it is necessary to solve your disagreement with these people.


You make a crossing in a ship : this dream is of good omen; you are living a favorable time; you are likely to succeed in everything.
You are on a ship and there is fire on board : you are the luckier; chance is definitely with you.
You are on a ship and it doesn't move : do not count on supports, they will be refused to you; but with efforts you will reach your aim.
You go down in the hold of the ship : you are going to find some troubles there.
You arrive at the port : great chance and triumph all along the line.


You are washing your shirts : you will ask forgiveness for your faults and for insults from someone who did not deserve them; you will be forgiven.
You are ironing your shirts : your life is modest and it will remain so; but you will be happy to live that way.
You are wearing a shirt, and having a walk : you will meet a well deserved affront.
Your shirt is stained and torn : you will have to recognize your errors with the people with whom you are working.


You see shoes in a shop-window : it predicts pleasure-travels.
You carry new and elegant shoes : one testifies you much honnor, but do not be too proud.
You find a pair of shoes : you will have some help from a friend.
You are wearing worn out shoes : you are too negligent, you drag everything out, it is necessary to react.
You are manufacturing shoes : that predicts a success in your business, especially if you are in craft-industries.


You go to a show and you applaud : you will live euphoric moments, you will cross a period full of enthusiasm, that will surprise you.


You are skating elegantly : you are about to find the way of success.
You fall while skating : you must change of course in your life; your way is not the one you chose; it's a warning.


You play skittles : this dream always announces nearest joys and festivals, but there are various cases.
You sweep away the skittles with just one blow of the ball : there is a great change of situation in your life; may be this change is not desired directly by you, but trough the force of circumstances
Some skittles stay upright : you are not clever enough to lead your financial company correctly; you risk a loss of money.
You are playing quietly with your family or friends : you will make an acquisition concerning a house without making a good bargain.


You are well in your slippers : you aspire to rest with a royal peace.
You buy slippers : you are far-sighted, your purse will be well filled from now to your retirement.


You collect snails : you will sign, at the notary's, a donation or a heritage.
You eat snails : that predicts, joys, meetings of family members or friends and also the profits from games of chance.




Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches