Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You cry : it's a very good prediction; it is certain that great joys await you.
You see people crying : there will be painful events for these people and you will take part in their sorrow.


If you need to go to the dentist's, one should not take account of the dream.
You lose a tooth : you will undergo sorrows and sorrows.
You have a tooth extracted : you will be told about the death of someone dear to you and belonging to your entourage.
You dream you are losing all your teeth : your family will disappear progressively leaving you the only survivor.
You have beautiful healthy teeth : it's the sign of good health and safety in all the fields.


The thimble seen in dream : it announces marital happiness as well as a beautiful heritage.
You see dice but you are not playing: you will cross one period of chance, you can try it with your favorite plays.
You play : attention with your interests, they are threatened.


You have an extreme thirst : that predicts a desire which you cannot satisfy.
You drink normally : that predicts a progressive success.
You drink greedily : in your life you suffer from certain deprivations.
You drink hot water : your health is fragile, keep a watch on yourself.
You drink a quite fresh water : you are a free person; everything is clear in your head.


You see thistles : that predicts you days of food shortage to come; be sparing.
You destroy thistles : you will make efforts to fight your idleness and you will have better days.


You hear the thunder : predicts angers, arguments in your household; try to be able to avoid them.
You see the lightning fall : that warns you that a creditor will claim you his credit.


You see ties or you are wearing one : it is the sign of a pride badly placed, vanity. you are inhabited by vanity; try to erase these defects and you will feel easier.


You see a tiger in freedom : a character seeks to harm you.
You see a tiger out of a cage : do not be anxious, one cannot do anything against you in a material business.
You can control the tiger : you have a great moral strength which will lead you to success.
You kill a tiger : you triumph over all and you fly from success to success.


In reality this animal is not very beautiful to look at.
You are contemplating a toad : it will be necessary to be wary of love with beautiful appearances, often misleading ones.
You are killing a toad : you will make good money-bargains; you will have beautiful successes during a certain time, take profit of them.


You see people smoking : this dream predicts that you enjoy ephemeral satisfactions which could you do wrong; the people whom you see regularly do not help; you must be very strong to manage to change your way of living.
You smoke : your life is quite obscure; you will also have health-problems.
You make volutes : predicts you satisfactions for your whims.


You hold a lit torch : you will see more clearly in the management of your company; your days will become better and your material life will be stabilized.
You hold an extinct torch : you will lose a friend.


You tear something in dream : it's a good sign, you will have success in your business; it also excuses certain people who wounded and humiliated you.
You have torn clothes: prudence is required; you will undergo some reverses of fortune by your lack of initiative.


You see a torrent : predicts a great love; you will live beautiful moments intensely; do not go off your head, you have also to manage your interests; uncontrolled passions can make you lose money.


You see tortoises advancing in front of you : that gives you your image in life; it is necessary for you to be hard-headed to study and set up your projects; have help with some good advice.
You stop the tortoises : that predicts great successes in your professional businesses.


You are living in a tower : it's the sign that you are withdrawing into yourself; you will have a bad period when you are not able to undertake anything but have patience, after the rain, good weather.


You overcome an animal : you are certainly a powerful person but with a badly placed pride; your successes will be always of short durations.


At each season the tree is different.
You see a spring-tree with its shoots and its flowers : a realization is preparing about on an old project which had been left in a drawer.
You see a summer-tree with its leaves and its fruits : you have all the assets in hand to make your business bear fruit.
You see an autumn-tree with its yellowed leaves : that predicts too many useless things around you; have a great cleaning.
You see a stripped winter-tree : you are a solitary person, you can rely only on yourself; it's also the sign of a spiritual way to follow.


You have a truck : that predicts a heritage but do not stop your work, these savings of money must be used for your old days.


You see these birds : you are a naive person, you beleive everything that is said to you, be more crafty and thoughtful if you want to succeed and thrive in your life.


You see turtle-doves or doves in freedom : that promises you a great happiness, tenderness, love, and trustworthy friends around you.


To see twins in a dream announces a great chance in life; great surprises await you, money will be easy for you; you will be appreciated by your family and your friends.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches