Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You see many vegetables : this dream predicts you a simple life, and the promises that were made to you will be kept; be grateful.
You eat an artichoke : you have an unsteady side and one warns you against your inaccuracy.
You dream of a garlic-braid : you are invested with a great protection.
You are eating garlic : you know how to protect yourself against the infections; you are strict with the health of your body; that also can be the cure of someone in your family and also the end of a long break-up.
You dream of turnips : the turnip announces the cure for the person who is at your sides.
You eat turnips : you will have success in a project which is close to your heart.
You sow turnips : you are an imaginative, careful person; your life will be stabilized thanks to your qualities.
The onions seen in dreams predict quarrels and small troubles with the dreamer's friends.
You eat onions : your family is likely to discover your hidden secrecies; you must have spoken too much and walls have ears; you will be in trouble, be ready to assume.
You see nettles : attention, there are treasons and ingratitudes around you; be wary.
You gather nettles and they prick you : it announces rapid profits.


You are grape-harvesting : this dream predicts you merry family meetings with pleasures of a good table.
You see the grapes being pressed : your life will be crowned with success, especially if it is red wine.
You see white grapes being pressed : you are a fragile person; take care of your health.
You see wine being bottled : you are a sparing person; your retirement will be "gilded".
You see wine barrels : the chance will smile to you throughout your life; you will gain the first prize.
You make a wine abuse : mind your misconduct.
You see the vine with its bunches : it represents your happiness, try to be able to preserve it.


You can hear violin being played : you will be told about the marriage of a person who is dear to you, marriage to which you will not be invited.
You can hear someone playaing out of tune : be on your guards, one will come to borrow you some money.


You see a viper : attention, you will be the victim of treasons.
You kill the viper : any danger will be taken away.




See a vulture : it represents an enemy in reality, or a period of adversity.
The vulture is posed on the ground : it is also a warning; it is necessary to stay on one's guards in a delicate business.

Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches