Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches


You find a wallet well furnished : you risk the loss of your employment or to be in deficit in your company.
Your wallet is empty or you find a empty wallet : you are likely to gain money quickly; seize that chance, do not neglect anything, play your favorite games, you have no other risk than the one of filling up your wallet.


You are dancing a waltz : that announces pleasures of short duration followed by sentimental vexations.


You wash your hands : it's a warning not to give up a friend in trouble as you had the intention to do it.
You wash yourself entirely : you will be able to defend yourself against unfair charges.
You wash your linen : a person of your entourage will come and ask you for forgiveness; you have been expecting it for a long time, and you will forgive him.


You are stung by a wasp : this dream means that you are surrounded by malevolent people; moreover you do not think sufficiently before undertaking significant things and the success is likely to be long to come.


You buy a watch : you will desire to take good resolutions.
You are looking at the time at your watch : you are an ordely person and this quality will bring success to you.
You give your watch to someone : you are wise, you can listen to others'advice.
You lose your watch : that warns you against a malevolent entourage.


Water seen in a dream symbolizes life.
You see a clear and limpid water : it's an excellent predicttion; you will cross without ambiguity part of your life.
You are moving in water : it's going to bring you honors and high positions.
You risk to drown : be careful, there may be an unspecified danger in your life, that is to say disease or accident.
You drink water : you still need to assert yourself; you are weakened to take the directives of a great project.
You see a dirty and muddy water : it's ill omen; do not try anything in the financial field.
You bathe in a clear water : your form and your health are irreproachable.
Water coming from a spring : great success in your projects in progress.


You are watering your flowers or your vegetables : you are very attentive but you must be wary of certain people who come to your house to spy you; they are the ones who will collect the fruits of your efforts, be discreet.


You see large waves : it's a warning against bathes; there is a risk.
You are walking on the waves : predicts successes and triumphs which will accompany you throughout your life.


The W.C. brings chance to the dreamer.
You have your motions : that announces you some unexpected money; it is necessary, in this case, to try your chance with the games of chance, or to set up a project which has been sleeping in a cupboard, because it will be profitable in the future.


This dream always shows quarrels.
You dream of sharp weapons : that predicts divisions, ruptures in work or in your emotional life.
You receive firearms : that predicts you honors and respect.


An wedding ring is offered to you : it announces a happy marriage.
You find a wedding ring : you will have a great decision to take; it will be necessary to conclude and sign the contract.
You have lost your wedding ring : that can evoke conflicts with your spouse; this dream invites you to have an honest discussion with each other; you can also be in dissension with an associate in your business, there too, the discussion is required.


You are drawing water from a well : if the water is clear, it announces a marriage within your own family and it will be successful.
if the water is turbid there will be disorder in your life and it will lead you to troubles; be careful in all that you will undertake.
You discover a well : that promises unexpected richnesses to you.
You see a well overflowing : you will discover a secrecy which was well kept; it will lead you to solve a problem which has been weighing upon you for a long time; you will finally find spiritual peace.


To see a whale in a dream is the sign of a remote voyage.
A woman dreams she is capturing a whale : fear, in your turn, to be made prisoner in life by a being which will buy you thanks to his fortune.
A man dreams he is capturing a whale : you must change method in your family and emotional life; leave freedom to your family and your children if you do not want to lose everything.


You see a wild boar : this dream represents a dangerous and underhand enemy , whom it is necessary to try to avoid.
You are fighting with a wild boar : you will triumph over all your rivals even the hardest ones.
You are hunting the wild boar without touching it : you will have many obstacles and conflicts before stabilizing your material life.


You make your will : be far-sighted, you must make the necessary arrangements not for a close end of life but to prevent being abused in reality.
You are the beneficiary of a will : predicts a lawsuit, be vigilant, you can avoid it.


You see a willow : you will be happy in your old age.
You see a weeping willow : your life will be long and peaceful; you will survive all yours.


In your dream you feel wind : that predicts the coming of a great happiness you had been expecting for a long time; only a strong wind announces worries but of short duration.


You are in front of your window and you see people passing: people of your entourage will use their power to make you accept a service they had already asked you; don't let them abuse you.
You pass by a window : you will live a sentimental disappointment; you need not worry, better days await you.
You look through the window and you can see snow falling: that predicts you profitable businesses and strokes of luck.


You dream of a witch : you are an easily influenced person, you let yourself be swayed by fine words which are only lies; be crafty, be able to distinguish people who tell you tall stories.


You dream of this beautiful animal : that predicts deceit in your friendly relations; be wary.
You can hear a wolf howling : it is a severe warning but which will render a great service to you; you will be warier, more careful in your business connections; this situation of mistrust will make you change your behavior in respect to others.


It's a good omen for the domestic life and the material life.

You are wearing wool or you roll yourself in wool : your life will be filled with comfort; your friends estimate you and they are happy to have you among them.


You write : a heritage from the family is to come.
You write a love-letter : you brood over your past, you regret some of your errors, that makes you nostalgic.


You injure somebody : that predicts unjustified suspicions concerning you; you certainly have a ill-placed jealousy with respect to this person; be honest with yourself, otherwise you will discover the other side of the coin.


Rosa jigsaw puzzles and headaches